Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sirloin Steak Kabobs

Another recipe Natalie shared with me, not sure where she found it but I have to save it somewhere so I can find it again.  This was really, really good.
1 lb sirloin steak 
1/2 cup butter 
2 TBS minced garlic 
1 TBS garlic salt 
1 tsp salt 
 1. Melt butter. 
2. Mix together butter, garlic, garlic salt and salt. 
3. Cut steak meat into about 1.5 inch pieces (cubes). 
4. Baste butter mixture onto steak pieces. 
5. Stick steak pieces onto kabob sticks 
5. Grill for about 15 minutes. 
6. Rotate skewers every couple of minutes, cooking evenly on each side. 
7. Re-baste meat throughout grilling process, because a lot of the flavor will cook off. 
8. Check steak temperature when you are done grilling, meat should be 150 for medium well/ or cut one piece open to check the color inside, should be light pink for medium well steak.

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